Story Idea From…A Car Service Center

Yep. There I was, settled in a chair in the corner of the waiting area of the car service center. It’d take about two hours for my car to be worked on. Fine. I brought the latest issue of Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, I had a cup of coffee on the table next to me, and it was quiet. Two hours of nothing to do but read. Heck, I even turned off my cell phone.

An hour into reading, I felt the presence of someone standing in the middle of the room. I looked up and saw a¬†middle-aged man dressed like he just came out of an Eddie Bauer catalogue, complete with Mountain Blue parka and boat shoes. He wasn’t very large; he was average height and weight. But something about his persona, the way he seemed to command attention without saying a word. My imagination started working overtime and even though I looked like I was reading, the short story in Ellery Queen was long forgotten.

So, ever need a great idea for a short story or essay or even a poem? It’s anywhere and everywhere. And that’s the answer I give to so many people who ask, “Where do you get your ideas?”

Literary Agents

I’m posting this because on so many writer’s boards, I read how newbies don’t know where to begin looking for an agent. A good agent. A reputable agent. This is the best place I know of to begin the search:

You never, ever, pay the agent. They get a commission.