Magic and Mischief

I’ve been working on a middle grade novel that has a little bit of magic and too little mischief. I need to up the ante and make it a page-turner. I hook the reader and draw them in, but it seems I leave them hanging (this according to beta readers). I see that and I can fix it. What I’ve done, though, for the past few weeks is put it aside and work on other writings, such as short stories and essays. I write poems, too, but only of the rhyming sort that inadvertantly become humorous. (Where’s the “shrug” smilie when I need it?!)


One response to “Magic and Mischief

  1. (((Stormie))) I would say go put yourself in an enviroment where this age group hangs out. It may even trigger some of your own middle-grade antics, resolutions and such.

    Haha, I had a Valentines Guest Post from William H take on rhyming, on my blog. He was great, you can check it out when you have time.



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