Could It Be April Fools?

Maybe I was tired this morning. Maybe it happened because I didn’t have my first cup of coffee. Or maybe it was my mind playing a joke on me, pretending not to function properly.

I loaded a bunch of freshly washed towels into the dryer. I set the dials. I pressed “Start.” It didn’t start. I pressed the button again. No dice. I checked the electrical outlet. No problem there. I checked the lint trap; maybe too much lint built up and the dryer had some sort of safety device I didn’t know about. Lint trap was clean. I stood there, puzzled, thinking only one thing: whom do I call? The electrician we used to get, passed away, and the appliance place closed.

Just as I was about to go upstairs to get the phone book, I looked down. The dryer door was open. I closed it, held my breath, and pressed the “Start” button once again. The dryer made that (at least to me this morning) most wonderful humming sound as it tumbled the towels dry.

So, was my mind playing an April Fools’ trick on me, or was it just plain not thinking–also called lack of coffee. I like to think it was just because it’s April 1st. Today I might refrain from submitting any queries or manuscripts. I think I’ll wait ’til it’s April 2nd. And I’ve had my morning coffee.


5 responses to “Could It Be April Fools?

  1. He-he! You guys are funny. Thankfully I made it through the rest of the day without any more “problems.” So glad April 1st is now 363 days away. 🙂


  2. Hmm. Ghosts?

    I used to play really wacky April Fool’s jokes on my mother.

    She used to dread April 1st, knowing I’d be up to no good. (Never did anything bad, just silly)


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