…an acceptance.  I won a writing contest! For an hour I floated on cloud nine. When the phone call came, I listened to the person tell me the great news. I was so happy I started to cry.

Yep, cry. Here I am, a seasoned writer, someone who had an agent with a top literary agency (we parted amicably), someone with over nine years of writing and acceptances under my belt.

But for the past year, acceptances  of short stories and essays were slow to come in.  Of the rejections, many were “We’re closing the publicaton as of….” or “We’re holding off on accepting any more articles/short stories until 2010.” A good sign the economy is not doing well. Granted, I have revisited my writings and can see where improvements should and can be made. And I’m doing just that.

So the key to acceptances in this era of doom and gloom–polish your writing until it shines. But also, find that “hook,” that one thing that will make the editors want to read on, need to publish your work.

The essay that won–it was very, very true, but my take on the situation was conversational, like one would talk to a close friend. I knew that’s what they’d be looking for.

So–may you all have acceptances coming your way!


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  1. I think it’s great that even during a slow period, you didn’t give up but instead went back and did some rewriting. You have inspired me to take out some of my unfinished and unpolished stories to try to improve them. Congratulations on winning the writing contest. I hope this is a sign that things are picking up again!


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