This Is How It Happened….

When retelling a story, we sometimes embellish it. Then when the next person tells it, it becomes more altered.

Yesterday I visited a restored mansion built in 1773. As someone who loves old homes with the unique architecture and fascinating history, I was in my element. The interpreter/tour guide, who was well-versed in that particular house, mentioned how unusual it was for the wealthy to have the kitchen attached to the main house in those days. I remembered–or thought I remembered—-a tour guide once telling me that kitchens weren’t attached to houses because of the threat of a kitchen fire, and they didn’t want it to spread to the main house.

Seems either that other tour guide was wrong, or my recollection of what she said was wrong.

Kitchens of the wealthy were normally not attached because in the summer, it would heat up the house too much, and when they did laundry or made candles, the smell wasn’t the most pleasant, therefore it would be contained in the kitchen, away from the house.

This particular house’s attached kitchen had heavy doors separating it from the dining room, to  keep the heat and odors at bay.

This was a very well-informed tour guide. Is she 100% correct? Maybe. And now I’m passing this information on in this post. Did I write exactly what she said or how she said it? No. Therefore, if this is ever passed down, it will be rewritten or retold in another way.

So when someone says, “This is how it happened,” or “This is the way it was,” remember, they are only human and that is their interpretation.


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