Working From Home

There was an article online about the hard economic times, people losing their jobs, then re-inventing themselves and…working from home.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? No commuting except to roll out of bed and into a chair in front of a computer. Hot coffee in a mug instead of lukewarm mud in a to-go cup. All the comforts of home because you are home. What more could you want?

Well for starters, a phone that rings for business only. That’s fine and good for a month or two, but wait until your number gets around and then it’s those few telemarketers whose antennae picks up every number known and unknown, or a significant other who knows you’ll pick up and it most likely won’t go to voice mail.

Then there’s the doorbell. Ignoring it won’t help.  They’ll either ring it again and again, or come back later. Or there’s a package you need and it’s FedEx or you have to sign a card for the postal carrier. So, doorbells are answered.

A kid sick? You’re elected as nurse, babysitter, janitor. Appliance broken? You’re there for them too.

I’ve been working from home for over nine years now, submitting my writings, getting published, all the time doing the above. Thankfully I’m the type who can multi-task, be interrupted, leave my writing for an hour on a moment’s notice, and then pick up where I was. Right now I’m listening to a workman taking out our old bathroom and saying “Whoa!” over and over again. Not a good thing.

The up side–my hours are whenever. I can work at 6am or 9pm. And when it’s a blizzard or a nor’easter–I’m dry and warm. BUT it took awhile to get to where I am now. I used to have to have a schedule to force me to work. I read everything in the library (800 section) on writing and submitting. I’ve belonged to a great writer’s website, Absolute Write, and its forums for years.

This goes for any new career path you wish to take. There are classes, too, at accredited online schools to help you on your way.

If you’re determined and willing to learn, you’ll do just fine, working from home.

The coffee’s waiting. 🙂


2 responses to “Working From Home

  1. I love it! It’s not kicked into gear as much as it will be once both my kids are in school, but I wouldn’t ask for any other arrangement (or job). I’m so blessed to be able to write – and to do it from home. 🙂


  2. I work from home – and love it. But I don’t have too many of those other responsibilities you mentioned. No kids, for starters 🙂

    And yes, I love the flexibility of the hours, but it does take a lot of discipline not to get too distracted by non-essential things.


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