Nope, you don’t have to answer that. It’s just a rhetorical question. I’ve been right here, writing. But I turned off access to the Internet for several days on this computer. Usually I’m good at ignoring the latest news on what Michele Obama is wearing, or how the economy is (not) doing. And I can type out a 1000 word essay or short story in an hour, then revise it several times over the course of a day or two, know it’s polished to perfection, and send it on its way. All the while keeping an eye on the world’s activities. But somehow, with this latest and greatest middle grade novel I’m concocting, I need quiet. No news flashing at me. No music. No Inbox showing I’ve got mail.

Heck, I even stayed away for a few days from my favorite writer’s board, AbsoluteWrite.com  Now that’s an accomplishment!


3 responses to “WHERE HAVE I BEEN?!

  1. Sounds like a perfect setting for a peaceful mind, especially at letting the creative(energy) juices flow. Way to go on staying away from AW! *Pat on the back*


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