And Life Gets In The Way

My previous post sounds so upbeat, doesn’t it? Relaxing on the beach, sipping cooling drinks, enjoying the last bits of summer.

Then reality set in and now my brain feels fried. I’ve been volleying phone calls and trying to remember every person, every acronym, of every service there is for my older son. I have two special needs young adults. As a pediatric neurologist once said when they were toddlers, “You don’t just have opposites. You have extreme opposites.”

Thank you. I really needed to hear that, didn’t I. The good thing though is that she had prepared me for what we’d be dealing with for the next several decades. What’s really heart-wrenching is that I love my sons so much, and I hate seeing them struggle with trying to understand the world when it’s like they were born without the manual.

The good news is we’re getting the help they–and I–need. And I thank God for that.


4 responses to “And Life Gets In The Way

  1. I feel your pain. I have two sons, both born like the North Pole to the South Pole. My niece is autistic who needs special care particularly in schooling. As a writer and parent, I think I know what you must go through every day just to get your work done.


  2. I love that expression you used: “like they were born without the manual.”

    You should write an article about this topic if you haven’t already. My younger sister is a special needs teacher, by the way.


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