To Rhyme Or Not To Rhyme

For me, whether my poetry should rhyme or not has never caused me angst. Not even for a nano-second. When I sit down to compose a poem, my brain speaks to me in rhyme. My fingers won’t allow anything but rhyme. And as for reading poetry–give me a good rhyme anytime.

Which brings me to my own poetry and how it stacks up to others. Well, let’s just say mine produces laughs. There was a time when I wasn’t sure if it was because the poetry was so bad or the rhyming convoluted, but editors call my poems “witty,” “tongue-in-cheek,” or simply “humorous.” Here’s a recent example: Ode To An Abode.

I honestly never start out trying to be funny. I think if I did that, the poem would fall flat on its face. I reread it out loud so many times my voice gets sore. But then I’ll put it aside and a few days later look at it and wonder “what was I thinking?” Sometimes the rhyme comes out sounding forced and that’s definitely not good. I don’t call myself a poet, not by a long shot. I’m still learning, still trying to differentiate between meters. (This is a good place for the basics.) Meanwhile, the good thing is I’m getting people to reflect, or laugh, or both. And the poems get published.

And that makes me happy. 🙂