Winter Solstice

Today is the shortest time for daylight here in the northern hemisphere. I woke up this morning to the sunrise–a soft mix of blue and orange and yellow. All is still outside as the roads are snowy and the trees and ground blanketed in white. A peaceful scene. By February I know I’ll be looking forward to the first crocus that usually pokes its head out of the earth in early March. But for now, I’m content.

Happy Winter

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Christmas In New York City

It was a bitterly cold day last week when my husband, I, and a few friends trekked into the city for some holiday cheer. We bundled up to the point where we weren’t sure if we were telling our friend or a stranger that we needed to use the bathroom. And when we did visit a restroom, it took awhile just to unbundle. Yet despite the cold, it seemed that everyone was smiling. People were courteous. The pace just didn’t seem as frenetic as during other times of the year. We visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Rockefeller Center, Radio City Music Hall, had dinner at Del Friscos, and stayed awhile at St.Patrick’s Cathedral. It was this last place that generated the most sense of warmth and well-being. A place where we could meditate and reflect on what Christmas is all about. Usually this church is noisy with all of the visitors, but that evening there was a hush as people milled about or knelt or sat in the pews. A holiness. A peacefulness that I took home with me.

I pass this peace on to everyone reading my blog.