It’s Plastic

Today I received a complimentary copy of a magazine devoted toward upscale living. How I got on the list, I have no idea. Curiosity got the best of me and I thumbed through it. Here’s what the contents mostly consisted of: plastic surgery, both articles and advertisements of doctors who will readily and happily do a make-over. Just hand them your other plastic (as in card) and you can look fifteen years younger.

I see several problems with this way of thinking. First, if the model wasn’t airbrushed, the tiny lines where the surgery was done are noticeable. And the Botox–too full in the cheeks or no lines in the forehead, even when smiling. Fake, fake, fake. I have yet to see facial rejuvenation that doesn’t show some sign of “I’m not 100% real.” Second, any time something is done for cosmetic purposes, it doesn’t last. A person has to go back for more injections, more surgery, within months or a few years. And when the sagging hits someone who has had work done, it looks worse than when nothing was done at all. Third, surgery is surgery. And it’s not fool-proof. Nor is anesthesia. Fourth–look at a person’s hands, knees, or elbows. A dead give-away to age. And if a person was to have any procedure done on their face, they’d have to have it done on their neck and the rest of their bodies.

I can understand if someone’s nose is way too large for their face, or they were in an accident and need plastic surgery. Or their ears stick out and no end of teasing is in sight. I can fully understand that.

I think what bothers me about all these advertisements and articles about how a person can look younger is intimidating. One radio commercial has men enthusing how a certain product or pill (I can’t remember which) makes their significant other look so youthful and wonderful. As if the guy was repulsed by her before. Sad.

For anyone debating about undergoing any procedure to do away with lines and wrinkles and sagging skin, visit a hospital or rehab center or long-term facility. There are many, many young and middle-age there too, trying to get better but struggling. Go to a vent unit where patients are on ventilators through a tracheotomy. Many aren’t past their 50th birthday. Yet they fix themselves up the best they can, they smile, they socialize. They’re beautiful. It puts everything in perspective.

So–thinking about that procedure to turn back the clock? Please, take that money and donate it to charity. You’ll be doing good work, you’ll feel good about helping out, and that will show in your face. And smile. That alone will rejuvenate you.