It’s Raining, It’s Pouring…

…everyone run to the grocery store. Buy bread, milk and eggs! Buy butter! Never mind, buy as much as your shopping cart can carry.

This was the scene this morning at my local supermarket as a nor’easter is predicted for tonight through Sunday. Two storms are converging and we’re the lucky recipients. Crying babies, people rushing, hitting into each other, and lines that intersected here and there, tripping up a few people. There were all ages and they all vied for the last loaf of twelve-grain organic bread. Tons of white bread sadly remained on the shelves like sinners in that Left Behind series. Too bad–that stuff can last until the next millenium, whereas the “good for you” healthy-type bread will sprout green and blue mold just as you’re ready to take a large bite.

Which makes me wonder–why get milk and eggs when the electricity could go out and stay out for more than twenty-four hours? Either drink and eat heartily until the lights flicker off (and be in the bathroom for hours aided by candlelight), or lose everything that’s perishable.

So for dinner tonight we’re having scrambled eggs, Eggs Benedict, pancakes, hard-boiled eggs, tall glasses of milk, and toast with as much butter each piece will hold.

I’ve already set out those little scented air freshener candles in the bathroom.


3 responses to “It’s Raining, It’s Pouring…

  1. The fear of disaster makes people do strange things, doesn’t it? Maybe they don’t think straight. I probably wouldn’t figure all that in, and I’d buy two or three gallons of milk, because my family goes through it so quickly under normal circumstances.

    Hope you’re well! *hugs*


  2. That’s great. I know just what you mean.

    So far we’re just having heavy rain here in RI. I went to the store but I didn’t buy bread or milk.


  3. Too funny! In the Pac NW, its hard to tell the difference between a storm and a normal rainy day. I’ve had a relative call and ask if we were handling the storm ok, to which I would reply, “There’s a storm?”

    😀 Have a ‘relatively’ dry weekend!


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