Here We Go Again…

…a plethora of articles on dieting. It’s after Passover, after Easter, and it’s assumed we over-ate. They assumed correctly. At least in my case. But it wasn’t overeating for me as much as it was over-candying (I know, that’s not a word… ūüôā ). I didn’t stop at the dark chocolate bunny’s ears yesterday; I ate right on through to his cute little bunny nose and whiskers. Realizing what I was doing, I put him aside, only to be called by the large peanut butter egg nestled next to him. I only ate half of that.¬†That brought it¬†down to an¬†eight ounce size. And I’m up¬† a couple of pounds. It was all in good fun, right?

Now I’m being bombarded with guilt everywhere I look. An article online blares something like “A¬†Thousand-And-One¬†Different Ways To Fight That Blubber.” One of them is to drink broth. I can’t. It reminds me of prepping for a¬†certain medical procedure that is not quite pleasant and involves always being near a bathroom. This article also says to eat protein at every meal. That I can do–I have an assortment of chocolate¬†breakfast bars. (I love my chocolate.)¬† Another tactic is to try is to trim down portions. So I eat a few less Jelly Bellys every hour, big deal.

I know one thing, though. Once all the goodies are consumed–which could take all of two days–I can really watch what I eat. But then¬†summer starts with Memorial Day at the end of May, and all of those wonderful barbeques. I’ll make sure, though, to begin each gorge-fest with a salad. This way I won’t feel so guilty when all of those “Blast¬†That¬†Belly” summer articles come out. And¬†I’ll end each meal with¬†a piece (yeah, right) of dark chocolate.¬†After all, it is supposed to be good for you.


3 responses to “Here We Go Again…

  1. *Raises hand* I’m an over-candyer. If it is in the house, I will eat it.

    I am also realistic about my weight. I’m a size 12 and my relatives call me ‘Twiggy’. These hips were made for 9lb babies. ūüėČ

    Thanks for this cute post!

    (FYI – For your links, my website has changed addresses. It is now


  2. Wait. Over-candying isn’t a word? Crap. No wonder people have been looking at me funny all these years.

    It could be worse. At least chocolate addiction is respectable. I cannot respect anyone who over-indulges in Peeps. Peeps have no anti-oxidants to redeem their consumption. Saying you like Peeps is like saying, “I like to put my whole face in a bag of sugar until I look like Al Pacino in Scarface.” So at least you’ve got that going for you.


    • Oh, but there are CHOCOLATE-covered Peeps! And I think I might contact the people at Merriam-Webster that their latest edition should contain the word “over-candying.”


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