To Dye Naturally

Good–I got your attention. 🙂  Not only am I cheap (see my Queen of Clearance post here) but for cleaning, polishing, and now dyeing clothes, I like to use anything I can find around the house. I go through vinegar and baking soda by the case.

I had some white cotton clothes I wanted to dye but didn’t want to go out to the store and also didn’t want to spend two dollars on clothing dye. A quick search online and I came up with some great ideas.

Here’s one I just tried and worked great to dye anything beige or brown that’s white cotton.

Take a large pot, fill 3/4 with cold water.  Add two TBL. cinnamon and/or several tea bags. For a really rich color, add instant coffee (about two TBL.)  Bring water with added ingredients to a rolling boil. Stir occasionally. Turn off heat, remove any tea bags, add clothes (already washed). Stir and let sit about thirty minutes, stirring occasionally. Test to see desired color. Let it sit longer if you wish. Drain water, and rinse garments in cold water. Wash in cold water in washing machine with only vinegar added. Dry in dryer.

I wanted a light brown color, and used several tea bags and the 2 TBL. of cinnamon.

This is the only color I’ve done, but from what I’ve researched, it looks like cranberries give a subtle red color, and blueberries a subtle blue. (To white cotton, that is.) That will be for another time.


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  1. Very cool. We were thinking about doing this with Easter eggs this year, but ended up going to a friend’s house for egg hunting. I am all for the ‘natural’ way of doing things. *Looks at her jar of beets* Hmm… I think I see a fuchsia shirt in my future!


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