“Me And My Friends”

Watch out–rant ahead. Please, people, (and especially if you’re a college grad), do not say “Me and my friends are going somewhere.” I’ve seen this over and over again on blogs and Facebook. I’ve even seen this used on a writer’s forum. It sounds like a kindergartener speaking. A child who hasn’t had third grade grammar yet. To sound believable and educated, it’s “I and my friends.” But even better is to put your friends first, as in, “My friends and I are going to the store.”

Think of it this way. Would you say “Me is going to the store” ? No. So therefore, you shouldn’t say, “Me and my friends are going to the store.” 

I could go into a whole grammar lesson on the proper use of me and I, but not now.

Rant over.

I’m going to the store.