Running Into The Situation

It was a warm, sunny day along the Jersey Shore. My husband took off from work and suggested we drive down to Seaside Heights, 20 miles south of where we live. Since it was only 11 am on a Friday, traffic was light as we drove along Hwy. 35 that hugs the coastline. The road is a two-lane highway, bordered by large seashore colonials and white fir trees in Bay Head and Mantoloking, then smaller beach cottages with plenty of sand for yards in the successive towns leading up to…SEASIDE HEIGHTS.

For those who live here, it is not MTV’s version of the Jersey Shore. Yep, there are bars and the occasional drunken brawl at closing time, rides and amusments, and plenty of good-looking guys and girls in bathing suits, but it’s a little more toned down than what you see on tv.

We spoke to a waitress who told us where the cast works and where the house is (right behind the place). She said the group was really not the way they act on TV. They’re usually polite and nice. We left the eatery and walked the block or so north on the boards. They were filming at the time we got to the tee shirt store, but the crowd watching numbered less than a dozen. Mike (The Situation) was at the entrance to the shop, smoking a cigarette, looking…bored.  No one was yelling out to him, no one was bothering him. Police and body guards stood nearby.

We walked away, headed toward the street, wandered past their small house (again patrolled by police), and all was quiet. No other people around. So we headed back to the boards, and started up the ramp. Coming toward my husband and me were Mike and two of the girls (no Snooki this day). They were filming, and someone with the film crew called out to us that they were all coming by. My reaction–“Can we please just get up to the boardwalk?”  Yep, those were my exact words. No “Oh, hi!” or “Sure! I’ll move!” from my mouth. We walked up the ramp as the three actors came down, followed by the camera crew. Am I that inured to celebrities? Or maybe I don’t consider them celebrities. I think I see them more as a curiosity.

As for my husband, he wasn’t impressed. He just wondered where Snooki was.

Eyes Of The Beholder–fun poem

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Anne Skalitza

I stare at my image 

in wonder and awe,

I’m far north of forty 

with nary a flaw.

I comb down my hair 

and blow it out dry,  

no grays do I see; 

it doesn’t need dye.

My breasts are well-rounded ,

my legs long and lean 

my arms toned and muscled– 

I look like a teen. 

No surgeon or gym  

is why I’m like this, 

without my eyeglasses 

I see a young miss! 

[First published August 2010–]