Before You Sign With Publish America

Before you sign with Publish America (or any publisher), ask yourself these questions (thanks to “Merrihiat” on AW) :

If you are considering signing with PA, ask yourself the following questions:
1. Will my book be available in bookstores? (
Not if it’s with PA.)
2. Will my book be promoted and have proper distribution? (Not if it’s with PA.)
3. Will I receive an advance? ($1.00 advance from PA is an insult to writers.)
4. When do I begin to receive royalties and how much will they be?  (
Good luck w/ PA.)
5. Will the price of my book be competitive with the market?
( PA’s books are way overpriced.)
6. Does the publisher have a good reputation? (Google is your friend. Type in the publisher’s name and the word scam or complaints after it).
7. Does the publisher read submissions for merit? (PA takes every manuscript that comes their way, and have been known to add mistakes.
8. Is editing offered by the publisher at no cost to you? (PA charges.)
9. What kind of success would you like for your book? Do you want to reach a handful of readers, a thousand readers, or are you hoping for a huge readership? Now, here’s a hard question: Do you think your goal is reasonable with the publisher you are submitting your manuscript to? (With PA, you have to buy hundreds of your own books and resell them, to get a good readership. That’s not the way it should be.)

Don’t sell your book or yourself short. Research publishers BEFORE signing any contract.

Exactly. For more about Publish America, or writing in general, is the best place to go.