You Are Not Blessed

No, you’re not blessed. Neither am I. Here’s the story:

Several years ago, a certain governor of a certain state proclaimed (and I paraphrase), “We’ve been blessed. The hurricane passed by our state.” Well then, I guess the state that the hurricane DID hit wasn’t blessed then, according to that governor. Ironically, the next year, a major hurricane hit that governor’s state and caused more–far more–destruction and death than the hurricane that hit that “unblessed” state a year before.

How many times do you hear someone saying, “I’m so blessed” ?  It seems that if something bad happens, that person is not blessed. Somehow that doesn’t ring true. God doesn’t put his finger on someone and say, “You’re getting all these wonderful things. You’re blessed.” Then to another says,”These bad things are happening to you. You’re not blessed.”

Next time you’re tempted to say, “I’m so blessed,”  instead say, “I have blessings.”  We have blessings in some way or other, so pass the good will, happiness,and charity on.