Spelling And Grammar. It’s Important.

Please, people (and this goes for all ages), check your spelling and grammar whenever posting on any forum, whether it’s about cooking or politics, or (and I shudder at this one) writing.

Yes, writing. There are people who sign on to a writer’s forum, who use only lower case letters, poor spelling, and hardly a grasp on grammar, expecting to be taken seriously when they say how they want to be the next great novelist.

Uh, no. That won’t happen unless they self-publish or go the route of  Publish America. PA takes anything. This was proven by a group of writers who purposely wrote a novel using poor spelling, poor grammar, and no plot. One whole page was taken up by gibberish. PA was ready to give them “the chance that they deserved.”

Okay, back to my reasoning on why people should try their best to write using good grammar and spelling, even on a forum dedicated to playing a children’s game.

It’s because you’ll be taken seriously. Think about it: If you were to read something, but a word or sentence made no sense, due to spelling or grammatical errors, you’d stop reading.

And that’s my rant for today. 🙂