Reviews And Printers

I’m a writer. So naturally when my old wonderful HP all-in-one printer turned an ancient six years old (that’s like 100 in tech years), I decided to retire it and buy a new one. I read magazines, read online reviews, and found Kodak to be well-received. Everyone raved about its low cost for ink. I was sold.

Unfortunately, I was had. Right out of the box there was a problem. Sent it back. They sent a new one. It worked, but that’s all I can say that was good about it. (This was the Kodak ESP 6150.) Over the next several months I went through a record eleven black and eleven color ink cartridges. Yet my printing output was only under 2,000 pages.

I replaced the print heads three times, cleaned them, aligned them, yet still I was keeping Staples in business with the ink purchases. The quality of the printouts wasn’t great either.

So, this is my review, and this is my take on reviews. It’s as simple as Buyer Beware.