It Is NOT Easy To Write A Book

Here we go again–someone starting up a publishing service (notice I say “service” not “publisher”) and it’s not a good thing. As an example, this is from Aloha Publishing website:

“Publishing a book has never been easier. Thanks to new technology in writing, publishing and selling, anyone—regardless of age, background or social status—can write and publish a book. With the worldwide marketplace, consumers can then purchase that book in print or e-book from anywhere in the world.”

What’s not stated is that no one will read past the first page if the “author” is not versed in grammar or spelling. But that’s just the beginning. A writer–a dedicated writer–knows how to craft a story to hook the reader and keep the reader until the last page.

This is where the commercial publishers who don’t charge a dime and know their business, come in. They are the gate keepers. They sift through the slush pile and find the gem. A writer should aspire to be the very best, and not just want to see their work in print, whether as hardcopy or as an ebook.

It’s doubtful that a good commercial publisher would ever let some of these books see daylight. And that would be a good thing.