Merry Christmas on Leap Year Day

On my MP3 player I have about four hundred songs so far. Of course they’re sorted by albums and artists and genre. This afternoon I shoved the earbuds in my ears, turned the volume up loud, and pressed “play all.”

And it did. Right after Elton John’s “Blessed” I heard the wonderfully uplifting instrumental “Christmas Bells” by Montavani followed by Canon in D (a Christmas song) by Trans-Siberian Orchestra. I felt so good listening to those last two songs I didn’t hit “next.” In fact, I hit “replay.” Three times.

I realize why now, two months after December 29 , I seem to be even more receptive to the joy of the Christmas season.

There are no presents to buy. No gifts to wrap. No money to pull from the bank and put in appropriate envelopes as tips. No rush to the supermarket for that special cake or must-have brown sugar and maple glazed ham. No long lines at the post office. Sometimes I want to just put my feet up and take a few days or weeks off from November through New Year’s.

Now my mind isn’t as cluttered  and I can fully listen to the music that usually plays only in the periphery of my mind during the Christmas season.

Happy Leap Year!