It’s beach time! Even if it’s winter where you live, you can still dream of the beach. And whether you’re 11 or 97, my e-book, Ghost Magnet, is a fun read, and only $1.99. You can buy it right now at B&N for your Nook, or Amazon for your Kindle, or Smashwords for your laptop.

Here’s a little bit about the book:

Thirteen-year-old Julie Janner desperately wants to spend summer hanging out with her friends. Instead, her mom takes her to an island straight out of the Twilight Zone, on a vacation that turns out to be like riding a roller coaster through a haunted fun house. The locals are just a little unfriendly (“Go home. Now.”), weird voices call out in the night, broken dolls appear and disappear, and the one family who befriends them–the Tylers–are not quite what they seem to be.