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If you’re a writer, or even aspiring to be one, you will hear about having a voice. What that means is that a character’s dialogue, his or her way of speaking, mannerisms, or way of thinking, come through loud and clear.  This helps to immerse the reader into the story.

Below is an example of voice. This “interview” is of my main character, Stormy Deane, in my new eBook, Looney Dunes, from Musa Publishing.
What is your name? Stormy Deane

What do others call you? My bubbly sister who lisps sometimes calls me Thtormy, and one of our boarders calls me Windy, Rainy, or any other weather-related name she can think of.

Tell us a little about yourself. Why, are you going to post this on a social networking site and everyone will whisper about me? Don’t answer. I don’t want to know. Hey, sure I have issues, but others are worse off than me.  I see people talking to themselves as they step off elevators. Or waiting till just the right moment to step on to an escalator while a line ten deep forms behind them. I mean, the therapy group I belong to, the Phobie Non-Socies, or PNSers, would be glad to have more members. Except we’d probably have to all sit apart from one another and that would be hard with a lot of people in the room. And buy the hand sanitizer by the gallon.

What is your birth date?  I don’t need to answer that. It’s on the Internet. And that really bothers me a lot.

What drew you to the area where you live? Nothing drew me to looney Dune Island. My parents thought it’d be great fun to see me suffer, having to live in a boarding house with my happy, peppy sister, Tracy, and two elderly women–one who wears gift bows in her hair and counts the rings in the wood furniture, and the other who cradles creepy dolls .

What do you do to relax? Now I go to the beach every chance I get. I can walk on the sand now in my bare feet and not worry about stepping on seagull poop.

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor, chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry? Ice cream is messy, especially if it’s in a cone. It drips all over my hands, then I need napkins–about six of them–but still….

Do you believe in ghosts? You’re kidding, right? There’s no logical explanation for them. Besides, who’d want to hang around people after you’re dead? Or hide out among the cobwebs and dust?

Why should readers be interested in your story? Because I’m an interesting person. And something really creepy, besides those dolls, is going on in that old rambling house.

Tell us about your love interest, Carl. What attracted you to him? His dimples when he smiles. Hard to take my eyes off of those. But then I’m accused of staring.

Do you feel the cover accurately represents you? Well it represents where I live. It doesn’t represent me because I’d never choose to live there. I’m surrounded by people coming and going. And then there are those footsteps–I swear they’re footsteps I hear–coming from inside the walls of this old house.


From the above, you can get an idea of what my main character, Stormy, is like. In the book, her voice comes through loud and clear. And fascinating.

LOONEY DUNES eBook is sold on Amazon, B&N, and other sites, or directly from my publisher, Musa Publishing.


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