For over nine years I taught second grade before pursuing a career in writing. I live with my husband and our two sons in a recently renovated 1920 Craftsman-style house, where in the walls we found old shoes (for luck, we’re told), driftwood, and parts of shipping crates from the beach.

For most of my life I have lived within three blocks of the Atlantic Ocean in the United States. I’ve traveled as far north as Magog, Canada, and as far south as Venezuela, South America.

Some of my essays, short stories, and poems have appeared in The Litchfield Literary Review, The Family Digest, The Front Porch syndicate, the Birmingham Arts Journal, the Liguorian, True Romance,Storiesfor Children, and two anthologies, Letters to My Mother (Adams Media) and Haunted Encounters (Atriad Press). My first novel is Lost And Found Love, published in 2003 by Koenisha Publications. For more of my published work, click on the link under “Pages.”

This blog will be updated about twice a month (look under Recent Posts on the right), mostly about writing. And of course some observations about my life, as seen from someone who is vertically challenged at five-foot-nothing and is always looking up.